Hidden Blessings

Bondi in Spring

It’s Springtime here in Sydney. The sun is out, flowers are in bloom, skies are blue, the water is clear, butterflies are performing their beautiful dance. There’s a newness in the air, a fresh start full of possibilities, a harvesting of energy. Beginnings.


Lots of ideas floating around.


Yet, if you’re like me, the ideas aren’t quite taking root. There’s no pull in one definite direction. There’s still a pause, almost a “hang on, things are still shifting, the right ideas will take root verrrrryy soon.” (Yet time to Spirit is quite different to my version of time. Spirit tends to have more patience!).


This holding pattern I’ve been in for so long isn’t shifting. Not quite yet.


While the desire to move forward is strong, I’m being held here for just that little bit longer. I get the sense that this Eclipse window/Mercury Retrograde period is a chance to really dig deep and look at things that aren’t supporting us or are holding us back. Like a big final clear out. And let’s be honest, clear outs, releasing or detoxing ain’t always pretty or easy.


I’ve got a few examples of powerful shifts that have happened in just a few days…… (Is it just me or are things really speeding up?!)


  • I’ve had a beautiful situation where my self-worth (or lack of it!) was brought to my attention and a chance to really look at where this stems from and how I can move forward with more value in myself and my gifts.
  • My shoulder is in agony which is encouraging me to dive deeper into releasing and opening the blocked energy in my heart. I’m journeying through past lives in meditation to help with this which is increasing my ability to use this skill for exploration of energy on dimensional levels. I’m also amping up my yoga practice, to really get into my body and connect with my heart. While my initial intention was to crack open my heart with yoga (will this pain go already!), I’ve been guided to use a more loving, compassionate and gentle approach. The long postures of Yin Yoga are encouraging me to sit in the discomfort and work through it. It’s helping with breathing in and out love and light, to be gentle and compassionate instead of using brute force to fix something. Patience my dear. I’m learning a lot about patience.
  • I have also been consciously working on increasing the level of light in my body because I desire to live a more joyful and high vibrational existence. I am starting to see beautiful glimpses of what is possible living at a higher vibration but my body needs to play catch up. My cells and DNA need to adjust, my nervous system needs time to adapt to the influx of light. Lots of rest and self-care, which is amping up my love of self in general. Being patient with this shift is providing a pretty huge blessing for me – I’m being much kinder and loving towards myself.


So while my monkey mind wants to jump forward, to embrace the abundant and vibrant Spring energy, I’m being held here just that little bit longer. I’ve accepted that, which takes a huge pressure off.


I could view this as being blocked or limited or stuck (my ego certainly wants to try and analyse the ‘stuck in the mud’ situation). But I’m choosing to view this time as a blessing. For there are many blessings in this ‘downtime’ – in a few days I have shifted my level of self-worth, explored the energy of anger trapped in my body and opened my heart that little bit more.


The limits I have encountered have helped me breakthrough into a new level of realisation and spiritual/emotional strength.  I’m honouring the guidance that is hiding in the blessings. And I’m so grateful for the gifts.


I share this with you today to honour what you need. Even if other people are pushing forward, whether its through fear or their truth, tune in to see what you need. If you’re encountering any kind of force that’s stopping you moving forward, explore the blessing in your situation:


  • If you’re in pain, what’s the benefit of your pain? What is your body screaming at you to attend to? What gift or talent is hiding under that pain?
  • What’s the love in your current situation?
  • What blessing is being bestowed upon you via your block?
  • What strength is being called forth to help you through a difficult time?
  • What is the love amidst the fear?
  • What is the light in your darkness?
  • What guidance is hiding in your limit?
  • What’s really happening in all that space?


Yes you want things to change. I hear you and completely understand. Oh I really do. But instead of judging your situation, what opportunity is there in it?


  • While you may want to be in a new relationship, this time might be needed to clear up some old issues and shift to the loving vibration that you want to call into your life. You don’t want to repeat the same old patterns! I know I don’t.
  • Or you may be in between jobs. Could this be a chance to explore what you really want to do rather than push forward into another energy sucking situation that drains the life out of you each day? Life’s too short for that.
  • You want to push forward with a project or business idea. Could there be a hidden blessing in things not working out quite as you’d planned? Could there be something else bigger/better/more aligned to explore in this space?
  • Or you want to be living a vibrant, joyful and abundant life. You might need to shift some old crap first before moving forward. You can’t take the baggage with you when travelling light!


Avoid distractions. Spend an hour/a day/a weekend in blissful peace. Listen. There are clues for you.


Listen to your body, it’s giving you messages.  Listen to Spirit, there are whispers in the wind. Listen to your heart, what’s is saying to you? (note: if its your ego talking you’ll not be hearing pleasant voices, it’ll be fear, doubt or criticism. Your heart has a loving and supportive tone and feel – follow that!).


Accept that you’re stuck or on hold for now, you’ll move forward with grace when you are ready. The wave will carry you to shore when its ready to roll.


Don’t run from the hardship, issue, loneliness, emptiness or pain you’re encountering. Face it head on. Clear that energy once and for all.


If you’re on hold, blocked, stuck – what is the blessing in your current situation? Tune into that energy, acknowledge it, worship it.


Gratitude wins! Always.


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