The Purpose of Life

Looking back on an Akashic Record reading I had done at the start of last year, at a time I was frantically searching for clarity and purpose, the first words I’d written down are “The purpose of life is happiness and this is why we are here.”


That’s not exactly helping me” I remember thinking at the time, “Where’s the details about what my purpose IS? What should I be doing?


I now know the error in my judgement.


Communing with my Angels and Guides, as I consider what my next steps are in my life (which I would love to be purposeful), they have reiterated this message to me –  happiness is the actual purpose of life:


“Learning to be happy within yourself is the purpose of your life and in turn this will give your life the meaning you desire.”


I think I’m finally ‘getting it’.


This past year and a half, I have been striped right back.  No partner. No permanent home. No secure full-time job. Lots of space. Just me. And where in the past I would have been fretting about this lack of safety and security, I can quite honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m getting to know my true self.


I am finding happiness in the simplest of things. I am doing each day what makes me happy. I’m following the whispers of guidance. I am thriving. I am alive. Happy.


I now see where I have been going wrong. I have been searching so externally in what others are doing, looking for something, frantically searching, that I’ve taken for granted the simple things that make me happy: writing, connecting one-on-one with people, listening to music, walking in nature, communing with my Angels and Guides, reading, offering a listening ear. Simple things that I have been ignoring or not appreciating whatsoever. In my search for something, anything, I have missed what has been under my nose the entire time.


Happiness. And I trust that as I choose and follow what makes me happy, my meaning in life will unravel itself. After all, if I was to arrive now at my meaning, what would drive me for the rest of my life?


Appreciating the happiness of every moment.


The happiness leads us to the things that give us purpose and meaning (not the other way around).


Instead of searching for my purpose in my career, partner or creative ability (which was only been causing me anxiety and stress), if I choose to follow the things that make me happy then the search for the rest doesn’t matter, it can fall into place.


Stop Searching Start Being


Which kind of takes the pressure off a lot of things. I’m now going to embrace the things that I enjoy and see where they lead me. And it doesn’t matter what I end up doing because as long as I’m happy, then my light will radiate out to others. Then my desire to be useful is fulfilled without having to consciously do anything.


I watched this video last year and remember taking the notes:

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought” ~ Marie Forleo


But my Angels and Guides are asking me not to do anything major right now? How can I find clarity if I’m not engaging in doing things?


I was looking at the wrong engagement. My Angels wanted me to engage with me, to BE ME, go deep down, meditate and get to the core. They’ve blatantly given me instructions to walk in nature, read, write, commune with them. And where I thought I wasn’t engaging because of not blogging, being very active online or being around many people, I was actually engaging with myself. And that’s where the clarity came from. My Angels where asking me to do very simple things that come naturally and that I thoroughly enjoy each and every day – I just haven’t noticed it.


I now believe that as I put passion and love into everything I do then more opportunities will come to me.


Happiness. That’s where it’s at! A choice. A sense of meaning and purpose from within me – not from external forces or what’s going on around me – from me. Being me.


It’s a journey. One that I can now explore in joy.


I also recognise that I was trying to prove online last year that I was happy – before I took a break. The strain of having to put up a persona was exhausting!!! Soul destroying. I now also recognise that I may not be able to show you all my happiness online, after all, if it’s in the simple things of listening to an emotion stirring song on the radio, how can you know I’m exponentially happy in that moment? Unless I whip out my iPhone and tweet about it – but then the joy of the present moment is lost.


It’s about being present and not having to give off the persona. I don’t need to share everything. I’m happy. That’s all that matters and hopefully you recognise that light in me rather than me having to prove it.


I also hope you recognise the happiness within yourself. After all, like attracts like. You’ve gotten to the end of this post for a reason. You recognise something in this and I urge you to look deep within now and find that kendrel of happiness. And help it grow.


I see your happiness and I share in it with you. It doesn’t need to be a struggle, let’s basque in the ease and simple things together and see where it leads us, rather than forcing the destination (which will become lacklustre after a while anyway and we’d end up searching for something else – off we’d go again on another purpose mission!)


Your purpose is to be happy. The happiness is in the now, within you. Embrace it and allow it out.


Remember that the happiness leads you to your purpose and meaning. It will all evolve very naturally. From living in the happiness of now.

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