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Anxiety and fear. That’s the state I woke up in this morning. I have two weeks to find a new home and even though my guidance is advising me to relax and breathe, my mind is running riot with fear.


So instead of home searching or starting my work day – I procrastinated. I dithered. I found distractions. I looked for answers outside of me. I did everything BUT the thing I knew I would help me…


Tune in.


Having wasted several hours not achieving anything, I finally sat my butt on my chair and felt into my body.


Energy was moving upwards from my belly into my heart and was hitting what felt like an energetic wall at the top of my heart. Which explains not being able to communicate or action anything, the energy hasn’t been flowing freely.


As I tuned into my body, I asked “How can I release this?” and was shown a scene in my mind’s eye that I’d like to share with you:


I see an image of me in a dark box, I’m pushing up on the lid but its not budging. As I focus more on the scene, I’m now in the box and its actually an underground hole or cave. I instinctively know that I’ve been locked down here to face something. As I do a 180 turn in this cave I see a white rectangle on the opposite wall. It looks so light compared to the dark hole. I’m afraid of the light. Why?


As I explore this question in my mind and body, I realise that the light is my freedom and yet I’m stuck in this dark hole, trying and pushing with all my might to open a door up above.


The light is a gateway to a beautiful land. As I look closer, I see green grass and blue skies through this gate.


And yet I’m pining for something up above, someone or something. I want to go up there but I’m trapped down here. I’m all alone in the cave trying desperately to get out.


By walking towards the light I know deep down that I’ll not get back into my cave again, there’s no going back.


It’s the fear of stepping into the unknown, I don’t know anyone in the bright land and the energy feels very different.


A hand is beckoning me, calling me towards the light.


I don’t know if I’ll ever get out of my box, I’ll be stuck here if I don’t change anything. My two choices are to stay here and keeping pushing at something that’s not budging or I take a chance and step into the doorway of light. I cry as I know what I’ll be leaving behind, I’ve been safe in my cave even though its really a prison.


The doorway feels like hope, like there’s new possibilities as I take the step from the dark towards the light. Its scary, shaky, emotional. As I take a step, the ache in my heart lessons. So I take another step towards the gateway of light. I’ve got to step forward and free myself. I step through, into the light.


As I look back, my cave falls apart. The walls crumble, the cave fills in. There’s really no turning back now.


I can continue to look at the rubble and experience the disruption or I turn round and face the light and the new possibilities. I turn round and a beam of light appears from the sky.


“Follow the light my dear, it is guiding you” says a voice in my head.


My energy feels lighter as I check in with my body, my heart feels broken but is stitching itself back up again. My mind is running riot with fear but deep down inside I know, I’m ok.




* I share this today with you because I want you to consider if you’re pushing at a door that’s not budging when there is perhaps a big massive door of opportunity staring you right in the face.


You’ve been pushing, striving and energetically draining yourself because you’re focusing on something or someone that just isn’t right for you – and the Universe is keeping the lock on that door so that you turn round and look at the other possibility that’s presenting itself.


* I share this because I empathise with you. I know its scary. I know you want to stay with what’s familiar and I know that you don’t want to let go of what you’ve been striving so hard for.


But it’s not working anymore. It’s a thing of the past and you can continue fighting and struggling for what ‘was’, stay in your prison, or embrace the new possibility.


* I share this with you because I know letting go isn’t easy. Facing the unknown is scary especially when it’s a completely different energy to what you’re used to.


And yet the Universe is supporting you, guiding you. You’ve just got to be open to the guiding light. Looking out for the signs. It’s one small step at a time.


taking chances


One of the Oracle Cards from this week’s Facebook Oracle Card Reading is ‘Movement‘ and it seems to be a popular message.


Move away from the thing that isn’t working, to the doorway that holds a key to your freedom.


If things aren’t working, if you feel you’re pushing too hard and are energetically drained, if you feel lost and confused, all alone – take a deep breath, imagine yourself turning away from the thing or person you’ve been striving or pining for, look around and see if there’s something or someone else that calls to you. It might not happen immediately, you might just get a sense of something different. The important thing is to check in with how you feel. Deep down, if you open up to new possibilities, you’ll know that something else (and possibly even better!) is out there.


This new path may challenge you to the core. It takes courage to face something new.


Think of the excitement and exhilaration of the new possibilities!

  • Like the excitement of a first date.
  • Your first day in a new job. Yep, scary but exciting!
  • Walking into your new home for the first time – or perhaps being carried over the threshold ;)
  • The buzz of a new idea ‘dropping in’ when you least expect it because you’ve let go of an old idea.
  • Turning up to that dance class and feeling the sizzle of energy course through you as you take your first step.
  • Walking off stage to rapturous applause to the mind-blowing speech you just gave.


A life lived fully isn’t lived only in safety.


Turning away from what ‘was’ isn’t easy but freedom, new experiences and opportunities are waiting to be discovered. To you, these new opportunities may seem to exist in the so-called ‘danger zone’ –  a danger zone your ego and monkey mind has created. There is no true danger, it’s all an illusion. Follow your heart and trust that the Universe is guiding you. Please believe that you are ok, that things will work out in what’s best for you and that you can do it.


Join me. We can do this together.



My shoulder was playing up several days ago. My shoulder is my trigger. If it aches, then something is out of whack energetically and my shoulder shouts out in pain to get my attention.


Tuning in, I asked my shoulder to reveal the message to me – what did it want me to know or do?


Sitting in silence for a moment with my eyes closed, I waited for the answer and it came in the form of an image which I soon realised was a memory. It was a memory of me at three years old, sitting at a table with a colouring-in book and crayons. I was engrossed in my drawing, trying to block out emotions of people in another room. Extremely empathic as a young child, I picked up people’s emotions like a sponge.


Little three-year old me became suddenly distracted and my crayon went outside the line!! Oh no, my drawing was imperfect. I became upset and very angry at myself. I now wouldn’t get the approval of adults because I messed up. And in that moment I made a vow to myself that I needed to stay within the lines to avoid disappointment, anger and disapproval.


A ‘vow’ is an incredibly strong energy to break. This vow has been with me for most of my life – staying within the lines to feel safe and loved.


Things come to the light, to awareness, when we are ready to heal them. In order to break this vow, I have been working energetically with my angels to help clear it as well as focusing on inner child healing.


On reflection, I can see with a number of things how I’ve been staying within the lines recently:


* Creativity

I’m being called strongly to write and share. Yet to do this, I know I’ll likely have to go outside of my comfort zone and perhaps do things a little differently to what I’ve been doing. This childhood vow has been holding me back because if I go beyond the lines, ‘the norm’, then I envisage pain and disappointment, frustration and anger. I won’t be good enough or meet anyone’s approval.

On working on clearing this vow, I am now able to open up more energetically and can see that it’s ok to have fun and play with creativity. I’m doing it for me because I want to do it for me. In fact, it now hurts my heart if I imagine holding in my self-expression any longer. It wants out.


* A new home

I’m currently living in a gorgeous home with another beautiful soul who is on a similar healing journey to me. We’ve been immersed in our little healing cave for 9 months and both of us received guidance last week that it’s time to part ways, to move on to something new. I’ll admit that when I first received the guidance from my angels, I ignored it. I thought about all the upheaval, packing boxes, what if I didn’t find as nice a place, what ifs……so I decided to ignore the guidance and ‘stay within the lines’, in the comfort zone. And yet, deep down I knew I had outgrown the comfort zone. My new found energy was pushing beyond my self-imposed boundaries, wanting out, and my ego was keeping me in the cage.

Having worked on this vow energy I am now much more open to the idea and started my new home search yesterday. Yes there will be some upheaval but it needs to happen in order to welcome in the new. It’s now safe to remove the shackles I’ve placed around my ankles so I can step beyond the line.


* My business

Now this is going to be a big one to admit publicly but I want to be truthful. I have been one foot in the business and one foot out. My ego has planned an escape route in case things don’t work out. I’m incredibly lucky that the Universe is pushing me on this one, loving clients are coming my way and then are referring friends and family based on positive experiences with healings and readings. You’d think that this would be signal enough for me that this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now, yet I’ve been fighting it because it feels safer to stay small and hidden.

On clearing my childhood vow, I can see that I’ve been holding myself back, staying within the lines by having an escape route rather than opening fully to what I can share. I’ve committed this morning that I am now two feet in my business and I’m energetically open to using whatever gifts I have to help assist you in your soul journey.


* Relationships

Both platonic and romantic. I’ve been staying within the lines because I’ve been struggling with my identity. I’m changing energetically, shifting very fast, I’m revealing more of the true me and while this may seem somewhat foreign, it’s in fact very freeing in that I’m finally getting to be the real me. I’ve been afraid that people in my life won’t know or recognise this ‘new’ me so I’ve shut myself away. And as for a romantic relationship, as much as I want a romantic partner, it hasn’t felt right because I want to be sure of me first to attract a complimentary male energy.

As I clear this childhood vow, I’m incredibly nervous because it is a case of stepping out there again. I’ve got to trust that I am supported. That true friends will accept me as I really am and the man I wish to welcome into my life will recognise the authentic me.


go beyond the lines


Go Beyond The Lines


I hope that by sharing my experiences that you can pause for a moment and consider where you’ve been staying within the lines. You may not have a strong energetic vow hindering you but if you notice that you’re holding something back then now is a perfect opportunity to take a step outside or beyond the line and see where it takes you.


You may have noticed I’ve said the word ‘open’ many times in this post – it’s about being open, not closing yourself off to remain safe. What can you open up to today?


Often there are subconscious patterns that we’re not aware of. I wanted to share my story with you because small incidents in childhood or even past lives, can dramatically shape how we act today. You may have locked it away, unwilling to unearth the pain and yet this could be the key to finding your answers and freedom. If something in this post triggers you, ask now: What do I need to know right now that will help me break free of this barrier? Question and review any rules, restrictions or limiting beliefs that are placed around your situation (by you or by others). This can help lift blocks to the manifestation of your desires.


If you need some assistance in helping to see and move past the barriers, get in touch. We can explore it together.


Please also note, breaking free can be messy and difficult so be prepared for change. If you want something new, be open to change. Like a caterpillar emerging, you’ll evolve into the most amazing butterfly.



15th Jul 2014


Hello dear friend, it’s been a while since I’ve shared with you all the things that are lighting me up – I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes.


My head has been down, lazer focused on clients as well as my own personal healing in which I have been diving very deep, but today I feel like a little turtle in that I can pop my head out from my shell to share with you the things that have been supporting, helping and nourishing me – I hope there’s a little gem in here that can help you and brighten up your world too.


HELPING ME SHINE – ‘Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted’ Ecourse by Rachel MacDonald

BEBH Header


I can honestly say, hand on my heart, that the main thing that has helped me grow as an individual, as a soul, as a person who can now call themselves an entrepreneur – has been my blog. In close to two years, I’ve fumbled my way through: worked out the technicalities, built relationships, invested in learning, asked for help and advice, gradually constructed an avenue where I can freely express myself and share what I’m learning with you. It’s been a hard slog, very enjoyable, but not always easy to work out how to do things or get out what I’m trying to say to you.


If only there had been one affordable source of information that had everything I needed to know to build a blog (and turn it into a business) in one place.


Along came the inspiring and uber talented Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between with her Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted Ecourse.


Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted is an eight-week, comprehensive blogging course that will help you, as the tagline says:

“Carve your space. Hone your vision. Beam it out.”


Genius. Jam-packed. Inspirational. Generous. Insanely useful.


Is there a word for over-deliver? Going above and beyond?


This online course has it ALL!


And I’m not just talking content. There is a vibrant, loving community behind the scenes that is one of the most nurturing and safest places to be online – with like-minded people who have a burning passion to unleash their creative goddesses and share their gifts with the world. Mind blowing!


Having joined this course in April, with the intention to build on my existing blog knowledge, I had planned on diving into it at home in Ireland but life had other plans for me – my angels guiding me to heal rather than concentrate on my blog. Having read the entire Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted course content, I have been eager to put into action many of the new found insights and inspiration but my energy has been called elsewhere – in building a structure for my new business. While you may not be able to see any implemented changes, there is one particular module in this course that has helped me in transitioning my blog to a business – it’s been priceless to me this past few months and I’ll be eternally grateful for the support.


To avoid overwhelm, I set the intention that with anything I do, that I be guided to the information that can help me in that moment. And probably 9/10 recently, I’ve been guided to a module of this course, the loving Facebook community or to one of Rachel’s many additional resources (I’m so thankful that she loves to over-deliver – I can think of one particular audio that made me miss my train because I was so engrossed in what was being shared!). What I need finds me at the perfect moment and I have a strong feeling that this course will keep calling to me for many years to come.


With lifetime access, I’m extremely excited to dive back into the second round of this course later this month. I feel I have changed a LOT over this past few months and I feel my blog is changing too and what better way to ‘start fresh’ than with other people starting out too.


I am proud to be an affiliate for this fabulous course and to share it with you – if you’re thinking of starting a blog, already have a blog or have a business that you would like to grow  – I have no doubt you’ll find something in this course to help you.


I encourage you to check it out (the other numerous and enthusiastic testimonials from fellow ‘Blog-Hearts’ hopefully articulate what I’ve been trying to say here – this course is invaluable, wonderful and a godsend).


Or if you have any questions and would love some more insight, please email me at and I’ll gladly give you some behind the scenes intel. Hopefully I’ll see you in the Facebook community very soon or perhaps meet you in person at one of our meet-ups in Sydney.


And for those of you that are feeling a little stuck in life (like I was over 2 years ago), starting a blog could be just what you are looking for. Well worth considering and checking out. Everything you need to know is here.


Bright Eyed Blog Hearted






I like the feel of a crispy new book in my hands, especially self-development books –  it’s as if I can feel the wisdom right there on my lap, being absorbed into me.


Recently, however, audiobooks have been really drawing me. To help with information overload, I had asked my angels to help guide me to things that would benefit me and recently its been to audiobooks – which I’m loving. Getting outside, walking along the beach, listening to an audiobook has been very supportive and enjoyable. Not only has it taken the weight off in me trying to nut out some time to read, it kills two birds with one stone (exercise and learning) and my brain seems to be loving it – its soaking it all in.


Here’s what I’ve been listening to:




1 * The Surrendered Wife

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK – whether single or in a relationship/marriage. It was this post by the lovely Carlee Modra that brought this book to my awareness – and holy smokes did it open my eyes when I listened to it.

I’m not going to say any more – read it, please!, if you want a loving, harmonious relationship with your man. You can find out more about it here – or download the audio - it is only one hour long. Take yourself off for a nice walk/to a park bench/have a bath and listen to it, with an open mind.


2 * The Law of Divine Compensation

This one had been on my radar for some time but it always sounded so deep and serious when I looked into it. Being stuck on a train one morning recently, I was scrolling through Audible to find something to entertain me and came across it again. With an attitude of “Ok, why not?” I pressed purchase and within a moment the soothing tones of Marianne Williamson’s voice was playing in my ear – like she was sitting right beside me.

The saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” couldn’t be more true here for me. The Law of Divine Compensation reveals the spiritual principles that help us overcome financial stress and unleash the divine power of abundance. That faith in God/the Universe promising prosperity to us all, we need never fear the future.

I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with money or your job or purpose. These principles, based on A Course In Miracles, will help guide you and free you from self-imposed limitations to welcome abundance into your life.


3 * The Desire Map

It’s no secret that I love Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map – working out how I want to FEEL and following that, rather than chasing a goal. I allow the feelings to pull me.

This has seen me in good stead. ‘Freedom‘ was my word last year (and nothing’s more freeing that quitting your job!) – this year its ‘Joy‘ (and slowly but surely I am opening myself up to the joy within me – it’s been locked away since a little girl).

This process of ‘desired feelings’ works!

This past week has been huge for me in terms of my own healing journey, massive internal shifts are happening, and with that, I feel my desires are changing too. I was guided to listen to The Desire Map yesterday, which once again inspired the pants off me. Having listened to the theory part, I began listening to the workbook section yesterday. I normally sit with a pen and paper but I thought I’d try walking on the beach and listening to Danielle ask me the questions. I loved this process because I was able to verbally speak out loud the answers (it was cold and windy with no one around so I had the freedom to speak out quite loud and I was surprised at the answers that came out – different to what I would have written). It appears my desires have changed since the start of the year - ‘Joy’ is still my overarching theme but there are other desires now emerging.

Perhaps this is a sign for you to consider your core desired feelings too. Or if you’ve done The Desire Map before as a book, give it a try on audio. You may be surprised.



Other things helping me shine and lighting up my world:


Oprah and Steven PressfieldPut Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be


LOVE. SEX. DESIRE – loving these podcasts by Susana Frioni


Aligning with the moon with the help of the inspirational Ezzie Spencer. I’m part of her Lunar Abundance Salon pilot program and it’s vastly changing how I do things. I’m feeling much more connected and in flow with life and it’s cycles and rhythms. If you’re in Sydney on the 24th July, come along to her live event – I’ll be there so be sure to say hello :)


Doing something I lovehelping you shine


This song


So grateful to be featured on the lovely blog Drops of Elixir as one of ‘Eat, Pray, Love: 10 blogs to fall in love with



  • Love this post – some awesome tips for making meditation stick!
  • Doreen Virtue meditations. I particularly love the Chakra Clearing and Angel Therapy meditations (iphone apps)
  • A newbie to meditation? Headspace really helped me when I first started


Healthy coffee substitute: Roasted Dandelion Tea with Coconut Milk


I Live My Passion – this alchemical oil is not only supporting me follow my passions, its also opening me to my divine feminine energy. I’m in LOVE with the choc/orange smell.




I could go on forever –  there’s lots for me to be grateful for.


Thank you! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent me loving feedback from your Energy Healing and Intuitive Reading sessions with me – it makes me incredibly happy to be able to share my gifts with you and it warms my heart to see and hear of the shifts that are happening in your lives. Shine on!


I hope you find a little something here that can help you sparkle. I’d love to hear if anything here resonates with you or please share what’s lighting up your world in the comments below.


2nd Jul 2014

  I’ve lost 3 kilos, without dieting or exercising.   Weird, right?   That’s what I thought yesterday morning as I pulled on my jeans – now a comfortable fit compared to the ‘snug’ fit this past few weeks.   As I reflected back over this past week or so,…

1st Jul 2014

    An apple can’t become an orange. This little statement found it’s way to me in an oracle card reading a few days ago and it was like a lightning bolt to the brain. I’m trying to be something I’m not. I’ve been very absent from here and social…

18th Jun 2014

  Have you accumulated lots of books, ebooks, online articles, courses, emails, blog posts or audiobooks and don’t know where to start? You feel drawn to one today and then something else catches your attention the next day?   Your head feels crammed and no matter how many times you…

14th Jun 2014

  The concept of letting go has been coming up a lot lately – for myself and clients. Letting go of what’s no longer serving and surrendering to a higher force.   When we struggle and strain with something, we end up blocking ourselves and go round in circles –…