Looking For An Answer? It’s Here

What if I were to say to you that the answer you’re looking for is with you right now?


How would that make you feel? Happy, relieved, confused, fearful, not wanting to acknowledge that it could be so easy?


Let’s say what you need is with you right now. Accept that’s its here, within you, NOW.


You don’t need to go searching, you don’t need to spend more energy or money looking, you don’t need to ask anyone’s advice.


It’s here.


You don’t need to analyse what’s been holding you back, you don’t need to blame it on some memory or drama, you don’t need to consider if you’re resisting or self-sabotaging, you don’t need to worry about why you’ve been searching. What’s important is that you have the answer now.


It’s here.


You don’t need to worry about the future or what people say. You don’t need to tap into any fear about what could or couldn’t happen. You just need to be open to the fact that you have the thing that you need with you at this very moment.


It’s here.


Now. Not in the future. It’s with you now.


Take a moment and breathe into that. Accept it. Say thank you for it. Smile into it.


What comes to you?


Is it a feeling? A word? An insight? A vision? A knowing? A gut feel? An urge to do something?


Whatever it is, its calling you to act on it now. It’s here, ready and waiting for you to show up for it.


To get the ball rolling.


Think of a snowball rolling down the hill. It starts small, gathers momentum, increases in size as it rolls easily down the hill.


Feel that energy?


That’s the opportunity for you. Starting small, the energy backs you and encourages you forward. You expand in ease, power and natural force. Things attract to you without you having to deter from your path. They come to you.


You have all you need right now. You are ready.


Take that small step. From that conscious acceptance and decision, all else will flow. You will expand.


And how marvellous, how wonderful for your self-esteem – you worked this out all own your own, you didn’t need any help. It was all within you.



The words above came to me this morning after I went through a fearful process of putting fingers to keyboard.


I work up early with a strong desire to write and share something. Yet what to write?


Overthinking, I started to become panicked and began searching outside of myself for answers. What do I want to write about? What can I feel safe sharing? What do I enjoy writing about? My mind was going nuts, the monkey mind out in full force. Out came the oracle cards, journals and notebooks. Surely the answer I need is somewhere here?!


One of the lessons I’m learning at the moment is to become involved in the joy of the creative process. Part of the healing is moving from my habit of objectivity – relying on facts rather than feelings. I have a strong and intelligent mind that I have heavily relied on. My journey this past year has been about opening up to my heart, to the emotional intelligence that I’m beginning to see has incredible scope and power. Learning to balance my heart and mind via expression in my throat.


My belief is that we create magic from our heart. That sudden burst of emotional truth that transpires onto the page/canvas/song sheet is very special.


So how does someone that’s so used to following their objective mind create something that feels joyful when they’re not fully feeling their feelings or trusting their heart?


The fear of not knowing has led me into a trap of pursuing more and more knowledge, seeking answers in the hope that the answers will empower me to act. I’m good at working things out in my mind so that’s the pattern I’ve stuck with. When the true answer lays in my heart.


These insights came to me this morning as I began frantically searching for answers outside of myself. When an Angel whispered in my ear, “You have all you need right now.”


With a deep breath, a wide smile and a thank you gesture of closed hands to heart, I gratefully accepted that I didn’t need to go looking, it’s all here. In the now.


I have all I need now. I am ready. I am prepared.


Which transpired into sharing the words above from my heart.


I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. What we’re looking for is here, now.


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