Higher Truth: Web of Life

Higher Truth:

An invitation to pause, pull yourself out of everyday drama, consider things from a higher perspective and think more creatively to transfrom the things holding you back.

A message from my Guidance that I share with you in the hope that it can help you too.

Pause and spend a few minutes reviewing the message. You can look at it from a spiritual perspective and seek the deeper meaning or it might be that you need a bit of guidance to get you through the day or a focus for the week.

Be open to transform the things holding you back and thinking in a new way.




This week’s Higher Truth message:


Higher Truth: ‘Web of Life’


“A spider weaves its web. It takes time and effort to build its beautiful trap. It works tirelessly, taking great care in each of the stages. Why? Not any old web will do. It needs to be strong, leave no room for escape and hold onto its prey.


Like the spider, consider the web you are spinning right now.


Are you sitting back doing nothing, not even building your web? Perhaps you don’t even know what it is you hope to attract or hold onto? Or are you carelessly going about your life with no direction, weaving a haphazard web? Or perhaps you’re tirelessly building the most perfect creation of life but not enjoying it? Are you weaving the most beautiful web but spending too much time on work and being drained in the process?


You are being asked to consider right now what it is you are weaving. Yes you want a perfect web to catch the life of your dreams but not at the expense of your current life. Slow down and enjoy the process. If you are not even weaving the web or know what you want in life, take some time and consider what it is you want, the effort you need to put into it and what you’re willing to do.  Like the spider, you won’t catch anything until you try.


There will be trials and tests along the way but the reward will be worth it.  Start weaving the wonderful web of your life.”


Amy’s musings:  This past few days I’ve realised I’ve been weaving a web but it’s not turned out the way I had planned. It’s funny, instead of life confirming what I thought I’d wanted, I’m being shown the things I don’t want. The plan I had in my head has now been turned upside down. I had a huge realisation on Saturday and after the initial panic stage, I actually feel ok about it. I’m working out what I don’t want in my life which I guess is good because I’d rather learn now before committing to something I don’t really want.


It’s not back ‘back to the drawing board’ however. Instead I feel that now is the perfect time to review how far I’ve come, look at the things I’m being shown I don’t want, really consider what it is I want to ‘feel’ and readjust my direction.


I’m extremely grateful for the message this week, instead of feeling trapped in my own web, it’s given me the opportunity to review what I really want and to build on that. One little step at a time. I’ll be doing a lot of journaling and inner work this week, I’m excited to see where this takes me. It’s not new territory, just unexplored territory. All the things I’ve been learning up until now have been preparing me for what it is I really long to do.


Transformation point: What web are you weaving in your life?


Does this message stand out to you? What web are you spinning?  Are you even spinning a web or just sitting back hoping and longing for what you want without doing anything to get it? Or like me, have you been spinning a web but it’s not turned out the way you hoped it would?  Now is the perfect time to stop and think about what dream catching web you want to create.

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  1. Tigger says

    Glad to see the weekend worked out so well! I’ve got a million things running around in my head since then, but the one word you said which stands out is ‘journalling’. Sounds like we’ll both have a crazy writing week!


  2. says

    Gorgeous message Amy! Thank you! My web at the moment is so broken and all over the place, I recently moved countries and I’m finding it so hard to adapt to the change. I used to think I enjoyed change but now I realise I really just don’t! lol! Anyway your post has made me realise I need to focus on what I do want and tonight I will be making my vision board, journalling and meditating on bringing forth my desires :) x

    • Amy says

      Hi Nicola, I know exactly how you feel, it’s tough moving new countries. Give yourself time to settle in and enjoy bringing forth your desires xxx

  3. says

    Funny that I ended up here, I was just reading “Spider Webs and I’m caught in the middle” on OneWorldHealing. There are no coincidences in life, thank you for your post :)

    • Amy says

      There’s certainly no coincidences. I needed to reread this one again today too! Thank you for your comment.